Sunday, 21 February 2016

Monday 22 February

My first day with the SPARK Manaiakalani group. It has been a fantastic start to our Inquiry journey. We met at the SPARK headquarters in Auckland over a coffee before going to a lovely meeting room. We spent the morning discussing our inquiry topics, critiquing and being more specific about our inquiries. We heard about the SPARK foundation and how it works as an organisation. It was great to hear about the amazing work they are doing within New Zealand. We got to know each other and had time to talk about how we could support each other with our inquiries. A great time to network. I contacted a Principal here in Auckland and hope to come down over the next week to discuss with her the ways she assesses communication with her special needs students. I adapted my inquiry topic to be more specific and manageable. Here is a photo of our meeting room - we are all hard at work!

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