Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Readings from Te Whariki

This week I have been reading the Te Whariki curriculum. Partly to help me plan for my new entrant class and because there is a strand in here related to communication. It is recognised that "language does not consist only of words, sentences and stories: it includes the language of images, art, dance, drama, mathematics, movement, rhythm and music. During the early years children are learning to communicate their experiences in many different ways." And adults need to be able to understand and encourage both verbal and non- verbal communication styles. When I think of the special needs kids we interact with I think it is really important to remember this. At our school the children use a "Core Board" which has visual pictures on to help them show us what they are trying to say. This is a great tool - but perhaps there is a better way for them to doing this. Perhaps putting the core board on an iPad or devise? Each core board is personalized with the children's family members etc but imagine if they had the ability to take their own photos and videos on a regular basis to share with their class. "Language grows and develops in meaningful contexts when children have a need to know and a reason to communicate".

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