Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Blogs are the Way to go!

Well it has been a busy term researching and asking questions of parents, teachers and even children about the many ways we communicate. Along with 3 children at school and their Teachers and T/A's we implemented the Our Day Communication board and At Home Communication board. This has has great success and very positive responses from the teachers and parents. I will collect some of the responses from the children on how we communicate to share with you. My next learning step is for the 3 children I am working with to have their own blog sights. My inquiry is on "How to improve communication" and I have spoken to parents about the benefits of using a blog to help with their children's communication. At present the communication between home and school is okay - but not great. It is hard for teachers and T/A's to find the time to communicate exactly what is happening on a weekly basis. I hope to improve this through the use of blogging.

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